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Louisa, Beautiful work! I'm sure the website doesn't do the originals justice. Thanks, Dave, for sharing the site with me. - Lorrie
Lorrie Petersen <>
Oakland, CA USA -
Dear Weezie, Your website is wonderful! It's almost as lovely as seeing your beautiful paintings in my home each day. It takes me back to our times in Florence over 40 years ago! Thanks for keeping me up to date on what you are doing now; it's a joy to see the breadth and depth of your work. Surprisingly, I especially like the abstract paintings. Love, Ann
Ann Hammond Clark
Redwood Shores, CA USA -
ABSOLUTELY beatiful work, a WONDERFUL person and an AWESOME web site! I feel privileged to know you Louisa.
Michele Donnels
Santa Rosa, CA USA -
Louisa, your work is almost as beautiful on-line as the treasured pieces I see in my home every day. I will never tire of looking upon them. Tonja
Tonja Fraser <>
Austin, TX USA -
Great work and the site looks really nice as well!!:) Water studies are fabulous...
Nadia Green
New York, NY USA -
Enjoyed your site. Very vibrant colours.
Chris Foy <>
Santa Rosa, CA USA -
Very nice work! We love to see our local Artists online. Your Nothern California section was inpressive.
Charles Clifton <>
Sebastopol, CA USA -
What wonderful paintings. Thanks for sharing them with us!
Tim Stein <Stein_work@Yahoo.Com>
Santa Rosa, CA USA -
WOW! Your new site is absolutely wonderful! Bill and I loved going to your studio and admiring in person your paintings while in California. Now, we can just click- on your site! I love the abstract painting " Lynn's Lemons". Congratulations and best of luck on your new website.! VICKI FIELDER ATLANTA, GEORGIA
Vicki Fielder <>
Great site!!! Seeing your work has brought back memories of when we were in college. I hope to visit your gallery soon. Best wishes, Sharon G.
Sharon (Lyon) Gugat <>
Santa Cruz, CA USA -
Hey, Sis.... Your website is awesome! It's been wonderful having your beautiful paintings at home to enjoy and share through the years. Now I have my favorite seascape as a desktop and your site to visit whenever I need a "serenity break" at the office! Love, Sherry
Sherry Neely <>
Alamo, CA USA -
Louisa, Very exciting to see you and your glorious work on the web but "virtual" only goes so far so I've got to see your new pieces in the real. See you in November. Chum
Terry Dean <>
Oakland, CA USA -
Louisa, Your style is fabulous! Do you have anything from Sonoita, Arizona? I love the rolling hills & mountains! Keep up the good work. Cubby
Cubby Stevens <>
Green Valley, AZ USA -
Weezie This web-site is fantastic and Dave,I knew her "way back when" before you did! I sure love my pastel of the redrocks of Sedona. Now I need one for Flagstaff!
Sharon Fielder Woods <>
phoenix, az USA -
As always it's an absolute delight to be able to view your artwork again..I am still lost to pick out just one favourite..How about a trip down under?..I promise we have lots of breath taking views that I know you would capture beautifully...;)
Ledonna James <>
Qld Australia -
Wonderful site! I will be in the Santa Rosa area soon and would love to stop by your gallery. My wife absolutely loved your Oregon art. Look forward to meeting you. Alan
Alan Taylor
San Carlos, CA USA -
BEAUTIFUL artwork!!! Great site! best of luck. Neil
Neil Goldberg <>
Ny, NY USA -
We are remodeling our home and looking forward to including some of your beautiful works into our design. Great Site!!!!! Kendall Mainz, San Carlos, CA
Kendall Mainz <>
San Carlos, CA USA -
great works. water studies and Alaska are among my favorites. hope that you host a NYC exhibit. great work on the site Dave! well done to both of you.
Raychel Patino < >
New York, NY USA -
I may be a tad bit biased mom, but your artwork, on-line, looks WONDERFUL! Congratulations on joining the ranks of generation-web with your craft. Can't wait to see all the new works you're creating. I can't wait to say "I knew her when..." :-)
Dave Fraser Jr <>
New York, NY USA -
Nice site!
Alan Ames